Create Custom Video Text Captions For iMovie With Keynote

While iMovie's title options are limited, you can create almost any sort of text caption with animation in Keynote and then easily apply it to your iMovie project.

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    Chris Bell
    10 months ago

    Is any of this method available on the iPad with iOS? I’ve got a friend who’s a nascent video editor putting together school presentations for classrooms. She has iPad capabilities only. Thanks

    10 months ago

    Chris: You can’t do it with exported video because you can’t export transparent video on the iPad. You can just stick with the built-in text titles for iMovie or see if another video editing app will fit your friend’s needs better.

    Travis Braithwaite
    10 months ago

    Does this technique in Keynote work for bringing it into Final Cut Pro?

    10 months ago

    Travis: Yes. But in FCP you have the option to do a lot more with text using the built-in titles.

    David Timmons
    9 months ago

    Chris, if you want to do this solely on iPad, set your background color to a pure green color. Then when you export the Keynote slides and bring them into iMovie, you can add them as green/blue screen clips to remove the background.

    Tom Rieke
    7 months ago

    Many thanks for this excellent advice! You solved several of my most puzzling problems.

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