Creating a Simple Song With Loops In GarageBand

You can use GarageBand to create music with its built-in loops. By combining various loops, you can create a unique song to use in videos, presentations and elsewhere. Loops can be carried throughout the song, or appear only at certain times.

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    Larry Carver
    10 years ago

    Will you create one of these for GarageBand 11? I use your videos to expand my knowledge of the Apple apps and really like your GarageBand vids. But I couldn't follow your GB10 with my GB11. Thanks.

      10 years ago

      I only make new videos for the latest versions of software. Keep in mind that GarageBand 10 is the latest version. You are probably referring to GarageBand '11 (as in 2011), which was the previous version. I did do a video like this one for GarageBand '09 (as in 2009) if you want to go back and look at that one. It is episode 313.

    10 years ago

    This was so much fun, and after watching the video once I got the hang of it. Although I have ton of royalty free music I use for my Youtube videos, it's nice to put something together myself. As always, even a 75 year-old - like me, can follow you.

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