MacMost Now 728: Creating Animated Video Charts With Keynote

You can create the same charts in Keynote as you can in Numbers and Pages. But with Keynote you can animate them. You can have the different parts of a bar graph, line graph or pie chart appear using different transition effects. Then you can export the result as a video to use in iMovie.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let me show you how to use Keynote to create really cool chart animations.

So suppose you want to use a chart or a graph in your video. But you don't want to just have it appear. You want to show it building in some way. Well, you can do this using Keynote. In Keynote you can build the same chart that you can build in Pages and in Numbers but you can actually have them animate and then export them into video.

So let's start off here with a blank Keynote presentation. Just have a blank frame here. I'm going to insert a chart. So, let's just do a simple column chart here. I am just going to throw in some sample data so now I have this sample chart. Of course I can go in and alter these numbers, do anything I want, and you get the data that you want there.

Now let's try to animate it. So with the chart selected (we can get rid of the data here), you can go over to the Build area here. Typically you see the normal stuff you would have if say this were a picture or an image. You can have it build in a different way. But let's have it actually set to something like Scale like that. Instead of just leaving it normal like you can see the preview there, we can set the Delivery to change it to something else. So instead of All at Once we can do By Series. Now you can see how it builds here in the Preview area.

Let's do it By Element in Series and we can see each part build. Let's Preview that. I am using the arrow keys to push each one. Now instead if I actually wanted to have it build by itself I can change it from On Click to Automatically. Now when I Preview I can see the chart appear and it will build like this.

So you can basically have it build all sorts of different ways. So we can do it By Set here instead and set the timing of it and duration for each part here.

Now here I changed the effect to Wipe and I am going to have it Wipe from bottom to top. You can see this makes much more sense here for this kind of chart.

Now let's go and change this to a Pie Chart. Let's go ahead and make it a 3-D Pie Chart. You can see I've got some settings in here and can create something like that and we can just leave the settings like this and we will now go and animate it and we will have it pop like that and we can actually have it do by wedge. I actually like also to use the Shimmer effect here as well by wedge. It looks pretty good.

Now let's go and change it to a Line Chart there and we can go and do things like for instance Wipe and we can do this left to right which makes more sense. Then we can do it By Set and you can see how it does it there, it is kind of interesting. But we can do it By Series. It probably makes more sense than a lot of applications. For this Line Chart here I might want to stretch it out by dragging and I end up with an even better effect.

Of course, like anything in Keynote that you are trying to export you typically go to File, Export and export it at full quality with fixed timing, if you like. You can also, before you do that, go into the document settings here and make sure the slide size is the same as the video you are making that you are going to export this to. Then you can drag and drop the result into iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

So this is another example of how you can use Keynote to create really cool pieces for video that you then create in iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

Until next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    Timothy Michael Ricke
    7 years ago

    Super idea! I use Keynote to produce animated logos and then save as a movie.

    7 years ago

    Super awesome resource! I wish I had more time to learn. Thanks.

    7 years ago

    Very good info. Will try out something new with mybmac book pro.

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