Creating Custom Voice Control Commands For Your Mac

Voice Control on your Mac is more powerful than ever, but it can take a few carefully chosen commands to do what you want. Instead, you can add custom commands to quickly go to web pages, choose menu items type long passages of text and other things.

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    Bill Braun
    3 years ago


    When I turn "Enable Voice Control," it says "Keyboard Dictation is disabled while Voice Control is turned on". So in order to use either I have to turn or the other?

    Is there a toggle that will flip them back and forth or is there another way around this?

    3 years ago

    Bill: When Voice Control is on, you are using "enhanced" dictation. You don't need the regular dictation. Try it and you'll see.

    judith jones
    3 years ago

    I would like to use the enhanced dictation feature how do I turn voice control on for this purpose thank you

    3 years ago

    Judith: I show that in this video, but here is a video just about dictation:

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