Learn How To Use Dictation On Your Mac

In macOS Catalina enhanced dictation is now part of Voice Control as part of your Mac's Accessibility features. It has several improvements over previous version of macOS dictation, including several ways to work to correct text, move the cursor, make selections and type difficult words.

Download the PDF here: macOS Voice Control Dictation Cheat Sheet

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    Louise Kienast
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the cheat sheet. BTW, I could use VC to open Pages but I could not dictate text until I discovered I had to delete com.apple.iWork.Pages.plist. From the Finder Go menu, select Go to Folder. Copy and paste the following path into that dialog, and then press Go:
    Move com.apple.iWork.Pages.plist to trash.
    When I opened Pages it was like the first time again showing new features. Now it works.

    5 years ago

    Louise: Good tip Louise. You are not the only one with that problem.

    Johnny Vanderlip
    5 years ago

    Wonderful tutorial, Gary

    4 years ago

    Thanks for this Gary. I wonder whether Apple has bought Dragon Dictate since many of the commands and features are similar? If that is what has happened, then I am not surprised the Apple dictation facility is so good because it took Dragon a very long time and many iterations to get as good as it did.

    4 years ago

    Will: No, Apple has had dictation on Macs for a long time. They didn't buy Dragon. I think that a lot of those commands just make sense.

    Richard Moss
    4 years ago

    Is there a way to do a spacebar with apple dictation? Just saying SPACEBAR doesn't work.

    4 years ago

    Richard: Yes. Add a command in System Preferences, Accessibility, Voice Control. Make it "Spacebar" and then Paste Text and put a space.

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