MacMost Now 569: Creating Quiz Games in iWork Keynote

By using hyperlinks you can create a simple quiz game in Keynote. Links can take the user to a different slide depending on which answer they click. These quiz presentations can be exported as PDFs or HTML for web sites.

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    13 years ago

    Gary, will the hyperlinks work if the quiz is shared via email as a Powerpoint presentation?

    13 years ago

    How to make Ć  proper scorecard

    13 years ago

    I enjoyed the podcast. Is there a format I could use so the game would work on a smart phone?

      13 years ago

      Depends on the phone. Keynote presentations play back on the iPhone. Not sure if Powerpoint works on other phones. Exporting as HTML and creating a web site should play back fine on any phone.

    12 years ago


    Is there a way to hide the Correct and incorrect quiz pages after exporting? It would be nice for them only to appear once clicked on the answers etc. That way the student would only be able to view the main page.

      12 years ago

      Not sure what you mean, but I'm guessing no.

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