MacMost Now 569: Creating Quiz Games in iWork Keynote

By using hyperlinks you can create a simple quiz game in Keynote. Links can take the user to a different slide depending on which answer they click. These quiz presentations can be exported as PDFs or HTML for web sites.
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Hi. This is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode, let me show you how to build a simple game in iWork Keynote. So back in Episode 560, I showed you how to use hyperlinks to jump from one slide to another inside of Keynote. You can use this functionality to build a simple trivia game. So let me start off here with a blank presentation, and I will create a simple trivia game.
I'll just have my first slide like that, create the second slide and ask the first question. So I'll put the question there at the top, and I'll put four answers here at the bottom.
So now I'm going to create two slides: one that the presentation willl jump to if you got the answer wrong. And I'll just put a little 'Try Again' piece of text here, which will come in handy a bit later. And another one, if you got it correct, and maybe some information here. Now when the wrong answer is clicked, it'll go to Slide 3. When the right answer is clicked, it'll go to Slide 4. So I'll go back here, and I will bring up the Inspector, click on the Hyperlink tab, and for this first answer, I will enable it, and have it go to Slide 3. Same thing for this answer. And same thing for this answer. But for the '1993' answer, I'll have it jump to Slide 4 instead.
Now, on Slide 3, it's incorrect; I want to have a hyperlink here on the words 'Try Again', and that will jump to Slide Number 2, to give them another chance. Here I can actually assign the ability to jump to Slide 5, the next slide, when that's there, or I could have just had it go to the next slide here, which is what I'm going to do. So it'll just jump automatically to the next slide, which would be the next question.
Now when I play, it'll ask "I'm going to play".Let's see.I'm going to go back to the first slide, press 'Play'. I can click on an answer. If I get it wrong, it says 'Incorrect. Try Again', goes back there. When I get it right, it goes 'Correct', and 'Continue' would take it to the next slide, if there was one.
Now hyperlinks can be attached to images and shapes as well. So you can have, say, a collection of photos as the answer, rather than just some plain text.
Now here's something really cool: You can export from Keynote and export, say, as a PDF, and save it out, and the result will be a PDF file that actually plays as the game. So here's the PDF document. I'll open it up in preview here, and then in preview, I can actually view this slide here, and click on the answer, and it will jump to the slide whether it's correct or incorrect.
So you may have also noticed you can build in HTML as well, so you can build a little quiz that goes on a website.
So there's a lot you can do with Keynote that's more than just creating a linear presentation. You can create a quiz like this, or you can use the same format to create more of an interactive presentation that shows the user information based on how they answer questions. Hope you found this useful. Until next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    8 years ago

    Gary, will the hyperlinks work if the quiz is shared via email as a Powerpoint presentation?

    8 years ago

    How to make à proper scorecard

    8 years ago

    I enjoyed the podcast. Is there a format I could use so the game would work on a smart phone?

      8 years ago

      Depends on the phone. Keynote presentations play back on the iPhone. Not sure if Powerpoint works on other phones. Exporting as HTML and creating a web site should play back fine on any phone.

    7 years ago


    Is there a way to hide the Correct and incorrect quiz pages after exporting? It would be nice for them only to appear once clicked on the answers etc. That way the student would only be able to view the main page.

      7 years ago

      Not sure what you mean, but I’m guessing no.

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