MacMost Now 691: Creating Stylized Text With TypeStyler

TypeStyler is an old Mac graphics tool that has reappeared in the new Mac App Store. You can use it to create beautiful text complete with textures, 3D effects, curves and other elements. It is a handy tool if you need to create titles for projects.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. Today's episode, let's look at TypeStyler.
One of the nice side effects of the Mac App store, is it's bringing some old App software back. One of my favorite old pieces of Mac software is one called TypeStyler, it allows you to do creative things with text.
So, this graphic's tool has a similar interface to Photoshop and Illustrator and all the tools like that but you can primarily use it to style text. So let's put some sample text in, like perhaps a headline there, and then once we've got it, we can start styling it. So let's start out by choosing a style, we can go up here to the style library and we can just select any one of these. And of course, you can highly customize every single factor here but this gives us a good place to start. So let's just kind of pick one at random there and use that as a starting point.
So one of the big thing that TypeStyler does is, it allows you to shape text and you could see it's got a lot of various things here. You can do a circle, you can do all sorts of cool stuff like the fish shape here and then of course I could stretch the type here to make it larger. So you could see, we can try any one of these and a cool twist. And if you've ever used TypeStyler before, you'll probably recognize a lot of these. The cool thing is, you can go to the shaper tool and you can actually adjust this stuff on your own. So you can adjust the shape to do all sorts of cools stuff to create things that are a little more unique to what you want. Likewise, you can also select this and go to the workshop here and this is where you can really customize a lot of the different parts here, so you can customize the fill for different things and all sorts of stuff about the shadows and shader and everything like that.
You also have tools here, to be able to change the format and do all sorts of different things like change the text to look like that or other effects that you may have seen there are kind of difficult to create even if your used to using tools like Illustrator, on here you can create these pretty easily. And then when you're done you can export in various ways, you can go to Photoshop PDF, or you can do a vector export but you can also export directly as an image, you can even do it as a semi-transparent image. So you can use these on all different projects from pages to keynote to Imovie. There's even this visualize tool if you're creating for a physical object, you can see your design on something else.
So TypeStyler is definitely a fun tool to play with but if you have to get graphics as part of your work then it could become a very useful tool as well. My only complaint is, it's a little bit pricy right now; it's about $60.00 in the Mac App Store. But prices do change over time and if it's something you really need then it's probably worth getting. Till the next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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