Creating Text Links In Mac Pages

You can set up bookmarks in a Pages word processing document and then create links in other text to jump to those bookmarks in PDF readers. With a new feature in Pages 8.1, you can also create links in page layout documents to jump from text to a specific page in the document.

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    Louise Kienast
    5 years ago

    I hope this is not off topic - how does link to mail work? I'm not sure what the purpose is having this in a Pages document. The person receiving the document would have to save the Pages file first, use the link inside Pages to create and compose the email message, why not just use reply to email?

    5 years ago

    Louise: You would usually export the finished document as a PDF. Then when someone downloads the PDF, clicking the link in it would open up a new email message already addressed to the email in the link. So you could have a book author's name link to their email address, or the publisher's name, or a support email address in the text, etc.

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