Creating Video Scrolling Credits With Keynote

You can create professional-looking video end credits with Keynote using only a single simple animation on a single slide. You can incorporate a long list of names, and add shapes, photos or other elements into a group. The result is easily modified and exported as a video to bring into iMovie, Final Cut or any other video editing app.

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    Rob Phillips
    6 years ago

    another way to MOVE your text would be to use Magic Move. Two slides, first with the start position of the item and the time to move, ease in and out or not and the second with the end. So much easier to build imho. Then export to movie.

    John Carter
    6 years ago

    Thank You! I learned something very useful here.
    Very cool way to do credits and anything similar.
    I did not know about the export to movie function.

    Don Smith
    5 years ago

    I'll be there's a way that you could add a character, such as a dash or a tab, for each line to center on so that a list with names where each line is the format of is centered on that special character. For example 'Don Smith - Executive Producer' would be displayed but centered on the dash. All names, with roles, would be centered on the dash. Hhhmmmm.... As an aside, Gary, I find your tutorials invaluable. Thank you.

    5 years ago

    Don: Yes. Just put three text fields, a left, right and center one. Left justify the left one, right justify the right one. The center one is for the dashes. Then group them together like I do with the graphic bits at the end of the video.

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