MacMost Now 659: Creating Watermarks In iWork Pages

Sometimes you need to place a watermark, like the word DRAFT or CONFIDENTIAL, behind text in a document. You can do this using text boxes that are made into background items and then set them to appear across all pages in the document.

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    9 years ago


    How does one create watermarks in Keynote?

      9 years ago

      You could just do the same thing — place a large piece of text behind everything else. Just do it to the master slides instead of each individual slide.

    Gary Stone
    9 years ago

    Thank you Gary, I often write up drafts for my job. By learning how to mark a Pages document as a draft, others can tell it is not the final version.

    Simon David Allen
    9 years ago

    Thanks for this – very useful.

    9 years ago

    I’m having a problem with this. I am making a menu for Spanish Class and want to make it look like its old used paper, but it does not let me make it a watermark.

      9 years ago

      That wouldn’t be a watermark, but just a background. You’d need to find a full-page graphic of “old used paper” and put that in a box and place that behind everything else.

    Nik A Hafiz
    9 years ago

    On the last part, you showed the way to inserting watermark on every page using the command

    Format : Advance : Move Object to Section Master.

    That was shown in a situation where you have 1-section document.

    Kindly advise on the easiest way to inserting same watermark at same position on all pages if they contain multiple sections.


      9 years ago

      Off the top of my head, not sure. Play around with it and report back if you find a solution.

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