MacMost Now 325: Custom Slideshows With Titles Using iMovie

Use iMovie 09 to create custom slideshows from your photographs. You can add titles before and between images, as well as text over photos. You can also add transitions, music and audio narration.

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    15 years ago

    Because you asked on twitter.
    Although it doesn't make a big difference; I like the old background more. Perhaps if you would use grey or beige it would be better as a plain color. White is just too bright / contrast to big.

    please excuse any misspellings: English is not my native language

    wilson Abrego
    14 years ago

    how do I compress the file to send it to email?
    please help!!!

      14 years ago

      When you export it from iMovie, it will be compressed. Just choose options that will balance compression vs. quality. A small file will be lower quality, but easier to send over email. If it is a large file, say more than a few megs, then consider using another method to get the file to someone else as sending a large attachment in email is not a good idea.

    14 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    I want to use a customized lower third - it has a gradiated green strip on the bottom. How can I layer that above a video so that it can appear when the person is talking? visual: I want the lower third to fade in, have the person's name and affiliation printed in white over gradiated green stripe, and have it fade out 3 secs later.

    12 years ago

    when using the Four Corners text it originally comes in two different colors, but when I change the colors I lose that effect. How can I keep that effect with different colors? Thanks

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