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Using iCloud Photo Sharing
iCloud Photo Sharing is a quick and easy way to share photos with friends. You can create a share album that others can add to, or just view. You can also make the album available on the Web where people without the Photos app or even Macs can view the photos. It is easy to add or remove photos. However, the options are limited so you may need to use another service if you want more.
Creating Smart Albums In Photos
Learn how to create smart albums in the new Photos app for Mac. Smart albums allow you to specify criteria like title, camera model, date and other things to build an album automatically. Smart Albums will automatically update as you add new photos to your library that match the criteria. You can combine Smart Albums and keywords to organize your photos.
Using Keywords In Photos
If you love organizing your photos, then you want to learn to use the keywords functions in the new Mac Photos app. Keywords allow you to organize your photos in many ways without cluttering up your library with albums. It is easy to create keywords and assign them to photos. Then you can search for photos that use that keyword, or create Smart Albums that update automatically.
Creating Slideshows In Photos
There are two primary ways to create slideshows in the the new Photos app on your Mac. The first is a quick slideshow that you can start by simply selecting photos and pressing the slideshow button. But you can also create a slideshow project that has many more options. With a project, you can order the photos, add text, set transition options and more. You can also export a project as a video to share on YouTube, Facebook or elsewhere.
Mac Photos App Tips and Tricks
The Mac Photos app has lots of different functions that make viewing and editing your photos easier. Learn about some of the hidden tricks in Photos such as the sidebar, viewing photo titles, editing dates, adding keywords, copying editing adjustments, exporting the original file and much more.
Editing With the Photos App
Take a look at the editing controls in the new Photos app on the Mac. You can use automatic settings and filters to quickly change the look of your photos. You can also rotate and crop photos, and use precise color adjustments. Some controls only show you limited settings until you reveal more controls. You can also remove imperfections or whole objects from photos.
Using the iCloud Photo Library

The new Photos app for Mac allows you to store all of your photos on Apple's servers as part of their iCloud service. This makes your entire Photos library available on all of your Apple devices including Macs, iPads and iPhones. You can add, edit or delete photos on any device and see the changes on all of them. You can choose to store original photo files on a device, or have the device only use optimized versions of the photos. You can also view your Photo Library on

Viewing and Organizing Photos In the New Photos App
Learn how to view your photos by Years, Collections and Moments in the new Photos app. Find out how to organize your photos into your own albums. You can create albums, add to them, remove photos from them and arrange the order of the photos in an album.
New Mac Photos App First Look
The new Mac Photos app has finally arrived with OS X 10.10.3. Take a quick look at the app and its major new feature of syncing across all of your Apple devices. The app looks and behaves much like the iOS Photos app. You can create albums, edit photos, order prints, and more.
Removing Videos From Your iPhoto Library
If your iPhoto library is huge, one way you can cut it down is to remove all of the videos and store them elsewhere. But finding and then deleting videos in iPhoto can be tricky. You'll need to create a smart album, and then flag the videos before using a hidden command that moves all flagged items to the trash.
Printing Photos From iPhoto
Take a look at some of the different ways you can print photos from iPhoto. You can use the standard print function to print one or more photos, group them on pages, and even include titles and other information. You can also use Pages to create more interesting printouts of single photos, groups of photos, or multiple copies of the same photo. Another option is to create a book and print one or more pages from it.
Exporting Photos From iPhoto
iPhoto stores your photos inside a library. If you need to use a photo as a separate file, you can export one or more photos. Export options include the ability to shrink the file dimensions and reduce the quality to produce a smaller file. You can also drag and drop out of iPhoto to the Finder for a quick export of the original photo.
Using iPhoto Albums and Smart Albums
Your iPhoto library is organized into events. But you can also create as many albums as you want to arrange your photos in a variety of ways. You can create collections that contain cross-sections of your photos and use them in sharing, slideshows, syncing and printing. You can also create Smart Albums that use search criteria to update themselves with photos that have something in common.
Editing Photos In iPhoto
iPhoto has a set of photo adjustment tools that allow you to correct problems in your photos as well as add enhancements and fun filters. You can edit a photo, layering several effects on top of each other, and still revert to the original even after you are done editing.
MacMost Now 929: Taming Large iPhoto Libraries
Learn several ways to deal with troublesome large iPhoto libraries. Make sure when you delete photos that they still aren't taking up space in your library. Learn how to rebuild your iPhoto library. See how you can split up your library into multiple parts. Also find out how to remove videos from your library to make it smaller.
MacMost Now 893: Editing Photos In External Editors
You can set iPhoto and Aperture to use an external app to edit photos instead of merely using the adjustment and filter editing in the apps. You can set iPhoto to use Pixelmator, but Photoshop works more smoothly when trying to save back into your library.
MacMost Now 865: iPhoto Export Options
There are a variety of ways to export a photo from iPhoto. Using the File, Export function you can decide which file format to use and set the quality and size. Learn how to use the various options and see a comparison between image quality settings.
MacMost Now 810: Public Shared Photo Streams
Learn how to set up and use public shared Photo Streams. You can post pictures from iPhoto on your Mac or from the Photos app on your iPhone or other iOS device. Others can see your photos by just knowing the URL, or you could link to your own Photo Stream from your home page or social network.
MacMost Now 792: Deleting Photos From iPhoto
If you wish to delete photos from iPhoto, you must first understand the difference between events and albums. However, you can still use Albums to delete photos if you know how. You can also use flagging to select photos to delete. There are several ways to review your photos before you delete them, and you can also archive photos as files before removing them from your iPhoto library.
MacMost Now 780: Vintage Photo Effects In iPhoto
Posting stylized photos online is very popular today. You can get these effects through apps on your iPhone, but also using filters in iPhoto. See which filters provide the best results and how to adjust them to your liking.
MacMost Now 711: iPhoto Independent Web Galleries
One of the export options in iPhoto will let you export a set of photos as a web gallery, but not tied to any specific Internet service. You get a set a files that can be uploaded to your independent web host to your own site.
MacMost Now 694: Compressing Images With iPhoto and Preview
Learn how to compress an image to create a small file for uploading to a web site or sending via email. You can use iPhoto's export function for this. If the image is not in your iPhoto library, then you can also use Preview to create a compressed version without buying any new software.
MacMost Now 683: Journals In iPhoto For iOS
The Journals feature of iPhoto for iOS allows you to publish galleries of photos to your iCloud account. You can play with the journals to turn them into scrapbooks of photos, text, and other elements. The journals appear on the Web and you can share them with your friends.
MacMost Now 643: Moving Your iPhoto Library
You can move your iPhoto library to an external drive easily by simply dragging the iPhoto library package to another location. But keep in mind that external drives are slower than internal ones, and networked drives even more so. You can also create multiple iPhoto libraries, storing seldom-accessed photos elsewhere.
MacMost Now 634: Creating Printable Calendars in iPhoto
There's a lot you can do with the calendar creation feature in iPhoto 11. You can use your own photos and iCal calendars to order a printer calendar from Apple, or print it yourself. You can also export the pages from a calendar to a PDF or even create an image from it.
MacMost Now 559: Importing Photos Using Image Capture
If you don't want every photo from your camera to go into your iPhoto library, you may want to use an alternative method for importing. You can use the Finder to drag and drop photos directly from the SD card. You can also use Image Capture, an application that comes with your Mac, to import photos to folders, iPhoto, or other applications. You can also manage the photos on your card or camera with Image Capture.
MacMost Now 556: iPhoto Printing Tricks
iPhoto's printing capability is pretty basic, unless you look closely. You can print multiple photos on a page, print multiple copies of the same photo, or even copies of the same photo with different adjustments applied to each copy. You can also print single pages from iphoto books to make more interesting printouts.
MacMost Now 550: Sharing Photos With Flickr
Flickr is another service that you can use to share photos with friends and family. It is a better option than email large files. You can share directly from iPhoto with Flickr, but have to pay a small fee for unlimited use.
MacMost Now 549: Sharing Photos With Picasa
Another great way to share photos is with Google's free Picasa service. You can use the Mac application to upload photos and then share them with friends or embed a slideshow on your own web site.
MacMost Now 548: MobileMe Photo Galleries
MobileMe photo galleries are one of many ways to share photos with friends. You can create them directly from iPhoto. They can be shared publicly or password-protected. You can allow your friends to download the photos or even add to the gallery.