Cutting Out Part Of an Image with Acorn

A good alternative to Photoshop on your Mac is Acorn, an inexpensive but powerful image editor in the Mac App Store. In this tutorial, learn how to cut out a person in one photo and place them in another.

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    7 years ago

    Gary, Do you know if same Acorn example can be made in Pixelmator?

    7 years ago

    Jim: Yes. I did an episode that touches on that a while back.

    7 years ago

    I haven't used Acorn, but I've had good luck with Pixelmator for iOS (haven't tried it on Mac).

    What would be the deciding factor for you whether to edit your photo in Acorn or Pixelmator? Do they have specific advantages over each other?

    7 years ago

    Cameron: Would take a while to make a full comparison between the two. They both have different styles of interface. I personally feel like Pixelmator is more geared toward artists, while Acorn is for non-artists. But it is a subjective thing so you may try both and disagree.

    7 years ago

    I have been using Picture it for years and can do almost anything with it. When I became a Mac user I bought Pixelmator and have just not been able to get on top of it as Picture it is so much simpler. Would Acorn be relatively simple compared to Pixelmator?

    7 years ago

    Brian: I think it is simpler for me as a non-artist. But it is subjective.

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