Data Detectors and Look Up

You can create contacts, set up calendar events, and get intel on pieces of text in incoming email, web pages and other documents using Data Detectors and Look Up. This feature of macOS will figure out what information represents, such as a location or appointment time, or business name or person, and allow you to act on it.

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    5 years ago

    These Look Ups are real neat and I have used them in the past to look up word definitions. When adding to the Calendar there is an option to add to the different Calendars in the app. When adding to Contacts I donā€™t see any way to add the new Card to any particular Contacts Group in the Contacts app. Another feature in macOS that needs to be added. If they can do this for Calendar why not Contacts?

    5 years ago

    My experience with data detectors on address signatures in Mail is very inconsistent.

    Often it will not pick up the company name or a business title and often it will add my email address to the new made Contact. Wish Tim Cook would concentrate on improving the lackluster Contacts program instead of promoting his cause dejure.

    Riley Willcox
    5 years ago

    I am using an Apple Smart mouse. Is there a way to do short cuts that you demonstrated with your trackpad?

    5 years ago

    Riley: Well, you can always secondary-click on things with the Apple mouse. Check in System Preferences.

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