MacMost: Mail

Avoid This Mistake When Emailing Images
It is easy to accidentally send a photo or screenshot shrunk down too small to be useful to the recipient. Always check this setting before hitting Send.
9 New Features in the Mac Mail App
macOS Ventura adds some useful, and some not-so-useful features to the Mail app. Learn how to Undo Send, schedule a message for later and more.
Using Mac Mail Conversation Features
In Mac Mail you can group messages together by conversation. This can make it easier to see your messages, stop quoted text clutter, and allow you to mute active conversations when you don't need to participate.
Managing Badges On Your Mac, iPhone and iPad
Badges are the red dots with numbers in them you see in the Dock on your Mac and over App icons on your iPhone or iPad. You can hide them on an app-by-app basis and something customize what they represent.
New macOS Ventura Mail and Messages Features
The Mail app in macOS Ventura is gainign the ability to undo send, schedule an email, remind you about an email later, and also improved search. In Messages, you will be able to delete a message you sent and edit as well, at least for iMessage.
Missing Contacts, Notes, Events Or Emails On Apple Devices
A common problem is finding that you are suddeny missing contacts, notes, calendar events or email messages on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It could just be that you are looking only at a specific account or subgroup of those items in that app. Here's how to switch back to viewing all entries.
Understanding Mac Mail Signatures
Setting up email signatures in Mac Mail can be confusing as signatures you create may not seem to be available after you create them. Learn how to create and manage your signatures, set default signatures, and choose alternatives.
7 Tips For Replying To Email On Your Mac
When replying to an email message, don't just quote the entire message and write a response at the top or the bottom. Instead quote the previous message thoughtfully, pay attention to details, and create a better result.
How To Use Hide My Email On Mac and iOS
Hide My Email is a new privacy feature of macOS and iOS that allows you to create forwarding email addresses to give to sites, services or anyone you send email. The recipient never sees your real email address. You can use this to manage future spam email or just maintain a level of privacy by not sharing your real email address.
Tips For Using Photos In Email Messages From Your Mac
There are many options you have when sending photos in an email message from your Mac. Make sure you are choosing the right size or maybe sharing them instead of sendind them. Also, when you receive a message with photos, there are different ways to view them, save them and even remove them to clear space.
10 Ways To Customize Mac Mail
Mail is one of the most customizable apps that comes with macOS. You can change how you view your list of email, access mailboxes, read messages and much more.
20 Mac Mail Tips And Tricks
Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the the Mac Mail app. Learn how to customize the sidebar, redirect messages, markup images and PDFs and much more.
Creating Email Filter Rules In iCloud and Gmail
If you want to effectively filter email you need to do it on the server. Here is how to set up mail rules using iCloud and Gmail filters. If you use another email service, it is just a matter of finding out how to set them up with that service.
Mac Mail App Preferences You May Want To Customize
There are many important settings in Mail Preferences that you can use to customize your experience and improve productivity. Take this tour of the Mail Preferences and see which ones you should change.
How To Really Stop Getting Spam Email
There is a lot of bad advice out there when it comes to stopping junk email. People will tell you time-consuming ways to get marginally less spam. But there is really only one method that will solve the problem of getting too much spam. And oddly, few tech advisors talk about it.
Better Ways To Organize Important Email Messages On Your Mac
Many people archive important email to mailboxes or folders inside the Mac Mail app. But this may not be the best way to save important messages. Instead, export them as files so they exist in the Finder and you can name them, organize them, and archive them as you wish.
10 Ways To Make Your Email Signature More Interesting
We include email signatures with every message we send, but often don't put much thought into the signature itself. You can make yours stand out with some simple techniques like using colors, including emoji or clever combinations of characters, images and more.
8 Better Alternatives To Sending Large Email Attachments
Sending large files as email attachments can be probematic when you have server limits and bandwidth issues on either end. There are better ways to send files. You can use photo or video-specific sharing sites. For other files you can use free file sharing services, cloud services or get your own professional server.
Creating Maps On Your Mac To Use In Mail, Pages, Keynote or iMovie
You can use the Maps app on your Mac for more than just finding locations and getting directions. You can create maps to be used in other apps as well. You can export a map into Preview and then annotate it to send in an email or message. You can copy and paste or export a map to use in Pages documents, Keynote presentations and iMovie video projects. You can also export satellite and 3D views.
Take Control Of Your Email With iCloud Plus Addressing
iCloud email allows you to freely add some text to your regular email address to create unqiue addresses that you can use on an as-needed basis. So you can use a slightly different email address when you sign up for a service and easily identify if that service is sending you spam or seling your information. You can also use this to organize legitimate email by filtering into groups that use the same address. However, there are some downsides too.