DJay Deal! Half Price, Today Only.

Okay, I usually don’t blatantly promote software. Nor would I usually steer you to another Mac site. But this is too good of a deal to pass up, if you are at all interested in DJ software.
There are several good DJ mixing applications out there, the big three are Tracktor DJ Studio, Ultramixer and DJay. Of the three, Tracktor is the big-boy Pro app but at $280US list price, it’s definitely beyond the budget of the casual DJ. UltraMixer Pro has most of the features of Tracktor and goes for $230US and while I like UltraMixer’s interface better than Tracktor’s in most aspects, UltraMixer is obviously a cross platform port, There is nothing Mac-like about it’s interface or menus. Finally there is the little engine that could. If you like spinning with two turntables and a microphone DJay is the app for you! It has a cool two deck interface and all the controls are Mac-like and intuitive, and at $50 US its a bargain.
So here’s the deal For today only (February 20, 2008) Djay is available as promo deal on for $24.99.
Even if don’t catch today’s deal, if you have any interest in DJ software you should check out the trial download of DJay at the DJay website.