Enhance Dark Photos in iPhoto ’08

In this tutorial, Eve (of GeekGirl.TV fame) shows you two examples of ways you can improve a dark or low-light photo. She'll cover iPhoto's auto Enhance feature, retouch brush tool, Effects menu (Edge Blur) and the Adjust menu (Reduce Noise).

Video Transcript
Transcript available soon. Transcripts are typically available a few days after the video has been published. Please check back.

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    11/30/07 @ 5:55 am

    This episode will not transfer to my Apple TV. Looking at the .mov file in QuickTime Player, I can see that the soundtrack is mono. Bitrate of both audio and video should be okay. I’m pretty sure it’s the mono. The tracks that did copy across were .mp4 or .m4v files and they all had a stereo soundtrack. Looks like the key. The .movs do play in iTunes.

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