Cropping Photos on Your Mac in the Photos App

Learn how to use the cropping tools in the Photos app. You can crop to any part of the photo, or stick with specific aspect ratios. You can also rotate and adjust the perspective of a photo.

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    1 year ago

    Great tutorial, Gary, as always!

    Question: The crops in Photos always seem to be only some form of square or rectangle, but no circle. Is it possible to make a circular crop in Photos? I know Preview can do it, but I have not found how to do it in Photos.

    1 year ago

    Todd: No, you can't have an image file that is not rectangular. Circular images and the like would be rectangular images with the area outside of the shape simply transparent. You can do that with most image editing apps. It is always a rectangle, but with some transparent pixels.

    Frank Scully
    1 year ago

    Can you explain what the difference is between 4 X 3 and 16 X 9. Both seem to me to be the same mathematical proportion

    1 year ago

    Frank: 4x3 ad 16x9 are not the same. 4x3 would be the same as 12x9, not 16x9.

    Graham Hoare
    1 year ago

    Gary having owned Apple devices for 18 years I have learnt a lot from this video- Thank you

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