Enhancing Your Favorites Bar With Emoji

The Favorties Bar in Safari can be a hard-to-read line of small text. But you can always add any Emoji character, just like you can with folder and file names. Finding the perfect emoji for a bookmark is sometimes easy and at other times challenging. The result is a colorful and easier-to-read Favorites Bar and Bookmarks menu.
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In the past I've talked about how you can use emoji characters to help you with things like folder and file naming. You put little emojis inside a folder or file name so you can recognize those folders, important ones. They standout from a list of just plain text files. There are plenty of places you could use emoji and I tried to think of all the different ways. I just thought of one that I hadn't ever thought of before.

It's in the Favorites bar here at the top of Safari. So, for instance, you can see I have all this text up here. A lot of people complain that the text is too small and everything. So this will help with that as well. I can rename these using emoji. So I'm going to Control click here and rename the first bookmark in the Favorites bar and I'm going to add an emoji. So I'm going to use Control, Command, Space. Bring up emoji here and let's get an apple emoji. There's a red apple. So I will insert that there and maybe add a little space. You can see how nice that is.

Let's go and do the same thing with the link to the Apple website. Control, Command, Space and let's go and use the green apple there. You can do it with all sorts of other ones. For Facebook I can go and thumb. There we go, thumbs up. Put that there. For Twitter I can look for a bird. There we go. We can put just a bird there. For Wikipedia we could look for a book perhaps. So something like that. We can use any emoji or special character at all you can put up there. You can already see how much better my Favorites bar here at the top is starting to look just by putting a few of these in place.

As a matter of fact I might be able to save some space on some of these and actually just remove the text altogether and just have emoji, for instance. If course it's even easier if I do Bookmarks, Edit Bookmarks, and then I can go and look at Favorites and I can see them all here. I can go and add more. I can have multiple emoji. There's no reason I only need one there at the beginning. I can put them at the end.

So there's a lot of stuff I can do to bring color to my Favorites bar up here by adding emoji to the Bookmarks. The great thing is I will see these in the Bookmarks list as well. So I can see them here next, of course, to the little icons that appear. It would be nice if Apple would put those icons here in the Favorites bar. But since it doesn't, they're in the Tabs, then it's nice to be able to add our own emoji and use those there as well. So just a small tip for today.

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    4 weeks ago

    I use this with iOS too! Super nice when using iCloud syncing. What’s more, it’s fun creating folder names in iOS with emoji too. 👍

    Side note: This hack thing allows Favicons AS bookmark icons. Interesting.

    4 weeks ago

    HI Gary,

    Here’s a keyboard shortcut: option + shift + k.
    Guess what you get while using a mc keyboard.


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