MacMost: Safari

How To Search a Single Website
If you know the information or item you want is on a specific site, there are quicker ways to get to it besides a general web search. Most websites allow you to search inside them, and even search engines allow you to narrow things down.
How To Control Where Downloaded Files Are Saved on a Mac
When you download something in Safari, another browser, or Mail, it is saved to the Downloads folder by default. But you can change that to another location or have it prompt you each time.
How To Print a Portion of a Page on a Mac
If you just want to print a portion of any document, you can jump from the Print Dialog to Preview very easily, select an area, crop or create a new document, and print that. You can also use this to share or save a portion of a document.
25 Useful Safari Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know
Learn some keyboard shortcuts to speed up your Safari browsing experience.
How To Block or Allow Pop-Ups in Safari on a Mac
Most of the time you don't want to allow sites to open up their own pop-up windows. But occasionally you want to allow it for some sites. Here's how to set it up.
Screen Capture Entire Web Pages On Your Mac (2023)
If you need to capture an entire web page, not just the visible portion, you do not need a third-party tool But you do need to know how to use some more advanced browser commands in either Safari, Chrome or Firefox.
9 Safari Search Tips
Learn how to use search results SnapBack, search on just one site, find text on web pages and much more.
How To Stop Getting So Many Notifications on Your Mac
If you are overwhelmed by notifications from apps and websites, here's how to get it under control. You can not only stop the ones you are getting now, but also prevent more from being added in the future.
Understanding Safari AutoFill
AutoFill in Safari makes it easy to fill in fields in forms on web pages with your name, email address, passwords, credit card information and other details. You can use it more effectively if you understand where the information comes from and why it sometimes doesn't work as expected.
Safari Cookies, Cache and History
When you browse the web Safari will save data as cookies, cache and history. Learn what these are and how to control them.
How To Make the Safari Start Page Super Useful
The Start Page in Safari is often ignored, but it can be a very useful tool. By removing some items from it and actively maintaining others, it can be your go-to screen in Safari.
20 Ways You Can Use Web Page Links On A Mac
There are many ways to store and recall Web locations other than just plain browser bookmarks. Learn how to create lists and documents, add to contacts and events, even make Menu Bar and keyboard shortcuts.
Using Bookmarks In Safari On a Mac
You can use bookmarks in Safari to store the locations of web pages so you can return to them easily. You can access bookmarks several ways, search for them, edit them and organize them. Plus many tips and tricks for using bookmarks.
Using Quick Notes Linked To Safari Web Pages
When you create Quick Note in Safari in macOS Monterey it should maintain a link to that web page and allow you to return to that note the next time you visit that page. This could be useful, but the feature is a bit buggy.
Productivity Series: Web Browsers
See what techniques I use to be more productive when browsing the web. I use no extensions, minimal bookmarks and tabs, and try not to overcomplicate things.
Setting Up Automatic Two-Factor Code In Safari
Safari 15 allows you to save a key and get two-factor codes for Google and many other services. This allows you to not only fill in IDs and passwords for sites, but the two-factor verification code as well. No need to pull out your iPhone or use another app.
Search Sites Directly With Safari Quick Website Search
Learn how to use Quick Website Search on your Mac, iPhone and iPad to skip search engines and get results directly from your favorite websites. This saves time and increases privacy.
Using the New Safari Tabs Features On Your Mac
Safari 15 includes major changes to how tabs look and work. You can now choose between two different ways tabs look at the top of the Safari window, and can create tab groups to organize your tabs.
Change How Web Pages Look With Safari Custom Style Sheets
Web pages use colors, fonts and other design elements defined in the Style Sheet from that website. In Safari, you can override those styles with your own. With the help of an extension, you can do it on a per-site basis.
How To Maintain Your Downloads Folder On a Mac
Your Downloads folder is the default location for browser file downloads. Learn how this relates to the Downloads folder in the Dock and the Download icon in Safari. If you don't maintain your Downloads folder it will eventually become filled with files taking up lots of space on your drive.