A great organizational is Evernote. You can type and organize notes. You can even record voice notes or video notes. It is free and also syncs with a free iPhone App. You can record voice notes there too. Very handy.

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    Sue Ryan
    10/5/09 @ 5:56 pm

    Thanks so much – wouldn’t you know it, today I was listening to some of your back podcasts and the one with the iPhone apps you recommended had evernote. Thanks so much for your help – i’m going to go get it now and start using it. You really do a great job; I am learning so much from you. For example, I had dismissed stickies, but after seeing your podcast, I started using them. Keep up the awesome work! Sue

    10/9/09 @ 8:43 am


    Not just this one, but I am an addict for your programs. I subscribe to your Podcast.

    These things and the technology keeps me alive in a remote part of India I live in. Thank god the Internet connect gives me, although not great, but connectivity into internet! Would be insane without it.

    Keep up the great knowledge share


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