Exploding Logo Effect In Apple Motion

Apple's Motion app lets you create all sorts of video special effects. In this tutorial, we'll take a graphic logo and make it explode into 10,000 particles in 3D. The particles will fit the shape and color of the image. Then we'll look at how to reverse it so that the particles come out of nowhere to reform the graphic.

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    Lou Adzima
    5 years ago

    Gary, Loved this, great step-by-step and explanation of what you are doing and why. Please do more.

    Seth Rosenblum
    5 years ago

    Excellent tutorial Gary, Thanks! BTW, what is the model of the curved monitor you use? Like it?

    D. Sands
    5 years ago

    I would like more Motion videos also! This was great!

    5 years ago

    Seth: Not using a curved monitor. I've got three screens: a 27-inch 4K in the middle and two 1080 screens in portrait mode on the sides.

    5 years ago

    I think the tutorial was excellent. I had not thought of doing this.

    Bruce Stasiuk
    5 years ago

    I'm going to have to get an engineering degree, then I'll be back.
    You did a fine job. It's way beyond my skill level.

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