Exporting Photos From iPhoto

iPhoto stores your photos inside a library. If you need to use a photo as a separate file, you can export one or more photos. Export options include the ability to shrink the file dimensions and reduce the quality to produce a smaller file. You can also drag and drop out of iPhoto to the Finder for a quick export of the original photo.

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    10 years ago

    When you export a photo as an original either by exporting or drag and drop, does it remove it from your library? The easiest method is drag and drop, I'm assuming unless you want to change the photos size that is the best way????

      10 years ago

      No, exporting either way does not remove it from your library. If you want the best quality image (but large file size to go with it) then drag and drop is the easiest way.

        10 years ago

        The word "original" confuses me. In the iPhoto Library this tends to mean the initial, unedited image imported into iPhoto (ie, "Revert to Original"). When I export the "Original," does this mean the UNedited photo first brought into iPhoto or the one that is current right now in iPhoto. (I tend to edit/crop most of my photos.)

          10 years ago

          Try it, you'll see. It gives you a version that has the edits, but the original resolution, rather than a more compressed version.

    10 years ago

    Why, when I do drag and drop to the desktop, do I lose the file name of the photo?

      10 years ago

      Hard for me to say. What is it naming it instead?

    9 years ago

    relating to opening pictures in iPhoto by clicking on the image i receive the following message, "The document “P1060560.jpg” could not be opened. Image Capture cannot open files in the “JPEG image” format." what can i use to open "jpeg" images and avoid image capture?

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