Find Your Lost iPhone With a Sound

You can use the Find My iPhone function to find a lost iPhone, iPad or even a MacBook by making it play a sound. This is handy when you misplace your device in your own home or workplace.
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Find My iPhone is the function that allows you to find your iPhone on a map. So if you loose it or it gets stolen you can locate it.

But there's another piece to it. A piece that will actually let you play a sound on your lost iPhone if you can't find it but you know it's somewhere around. If you've ever lost your iPhone in your house or at work. Then you know the problem. It's very easy to do and it doesn't just work with iPhones. It works with iPads and it even works with Macs.

You just need to enable Find My iPhone or it's called Find My Mac on the Mac, or Find My iPad on the iPad. But it's all kind of under the Find My iPhone umbrella.

Then you go to and you login with your Apple ID that you're using for that device. It should be the same across all your devices, right. But you want to make sure in case you have multiple family members and you're looking for their iPhone that you login to their iCloud account.

Once you do you can go to Find My iPhone and it will locate all the devices. So now it will show you all your devices. So if you have multiple iOS devices or MacBooks, things like that, it will show them all there on a map. You would do this through on your Mac but you may want to use Find My iPhone app on iPad or iPhone to find another lost iPhone or iPad.

As long as you're logged in with the proper Apple ID. That's the important thing to remember.

Then you can click on All Devices and you can find the device that you're missing, that you're looking for and click on that to go to just information about that device.

So now you'll find just that one device on the map but more importantly you find this control panel here and there's a button for play sound. So you can play the sound and follow the sound to find your device. Ah, it must be over here. There you go.

Comments: 7 Responses to “Find Your Lost iPhone With a Sound”

    2 years ago

    Excellent video! Thank you. So handy to know since I often lose my phone and haven’t got another phone around to call myself with.

    2 years ago

    Can this be done if the iPad has lost battery power? I understand it may not pin but will it show where the iPad is i.e. In your home in the car etc

    2 years ago

    Dan: No. It cannot play a sound if it has no power left to play the sound. Or, if it has been turned off. If may still show your iPad’s last location before it shut down, though.

    Jim Patterson
    2 years ago

    How would this sound help a friend who had a break-in sometime ago. Stolen from his car was his iphone and other items.

    The iphone was immediately put into “lost” mode. A few hours after the break-in, THE PHONE WAS TURNED ON AND GAVE IT’S LOCATION before being powered down again. The police were notified with the address. They said there is nothing they can do. So, as long as the iPhone is powered down, the sound can’t be heard during a police visit?

    2 years ago

    Jim: If the the phone is turned off, then what would you expect the phone to do? As for the police, the web is full of stories of people getting help from police in recovering their iPhones with the help of Find My iPhone. Not sure of the specifics of your friend’s situation, and I’m neither a lawyer nor a law enforcement officer, but it seems to me that if he gets in touch with the right department he should be able to get help from them since he has proof of stolen property.

    2 years ago

    Love your stuff! So, how much privacy are we giving up with this app? Does one. We’d to have privacy On at all times-and is this data going to the cloud?
    Thanks :)

    2 years ago

    Sally: I don’t see any privacy issue here. The data isn’t being shared with anyone but you — it is your iPhone with your Apple ID. You’d need your password to get at the information.

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