Finder Tags

You can use Finder tags to help you organize your files. You can create as many tags as you need, and then assign multiple tags to the same file. You can use them on local files as well as iCloud files. Searches for tags will reveal files across all locations and iCloud apps.

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    David Christensen
    10 years ago

    I love the tags and the new finder. Your video helped me get started. But let's say I want to put a tag on all of one file type. Let's say m4v files. Can I tag a file type so they will all be tagged and any new file with that extention in put on my machine will be automatically tagged like all m4v? Thank you for your time. David Christensen

      10 years ago

      There's no easy way to do that, and you wouldn't want to anyway. You can already search for those files easily -- just search for files of that type, or search for ".m4v" in the name. No need for tags.

    10 years ago

    Appreciate your making the video. I still don't get it! I don't see how they provide any advantage over folders and aliases.

    You mentioned the photographer having a photo that would be used for several projects and that, in the past, he'd have to save it to multiple folders. Well, the Mac OS has had aliases since, what? ... OS 7??

    Those were a brilliant introduction and meant one just parked aliases (pointers) in different folders. Any ideas on giving me a Eureka breakthrough? :-)

      10 years ago

      OK, so say you make presentations. You makes lots of presentations, because that is your business. You tag some as "inspirational" and others as "marketing" and others as: "technical," "manufacturing," "retail," etc. Some tags can be related to subject, others to tone, others to audience, etc.
      Then when you want to see all of your presentations that are inspirational and related to retail, you can search for those two tags.
      Another example: suppose you are an illustrator. You can make tags like: cartoon, person, outdoors, indoors, face, animal, etc. Are you going to create all of those folders in advance? And then when you do an illustration of a person walking a dog outside are you going to make aliases for it three times in three different folders?

    10 years ago

    Excellent video. The video shows the value of tags. Thanks

    Valerie Guenther
    10 years ago

    Thanks for the video. It will be a chore going through my files and tagging them but I see the long term value!

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