Apple Announces First Macs With New Apple CPUs

Apple announced a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini today, the first computers using Apple's M1 chips. They also announced MacOS Big Sur to launch on Thursday. Check out all of the details.

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    Peter Emery
    4 years ago

    Gary, I suspect the M1 to be closely related to the A12 series because of that discrepancy in the number of graphics cores in the two MacBook Airs. The A12X also sports 7 graphics cores while the A12Z has 8 such cores. I suggest it more appropriate to refer to the M1 “RAM”as Unified Memory rather than traditional RAM.
    In turn I’m contemplating that the higher end 13-in MB Pros are still on Intel will be upgraded to something more like the A14 series of SOCs.

    Emile NICAISE
    4 years ago

    Do you intend to replace your MacPro by the new Mac mini ?
    I am hesitating personally ...

    4 years ago

    Emile: No way. My Mac Pro is way more powerful than the old or new Mac mini. Of course, it should be considering the price. But once Apple comes out with a new Mac Pro, I probably will. No rush. In the meantime, I'm replacing my MacBook Pro with a new one.

    4 years ago

    What’s the difference between onboard and integrated?

    4 years ago

    Cameron: Not sure. I only have seen Apple use the term "integrated." Where did you see "onboard?"

    4 years ago

    Gary, with reference to "integrated" and "onboard" - you made mentioned of them in this video - approx 3:39 mark. I think that's what he was questioning.

    4 years ago

    Rod: LOL. So it was ME that used the term "onboard!" Nothing to see here. I wasn't trying to invent a new term. My mind just grabbed a synonym for "integrated" as I was talking.

    Rob Durnford
    4 years ago

    Apple TSMC re M1 is said to be using chips that did not meet the 8 core standard in the lower end Air and Mini and Pro models with 8 gigs of onboard RAM and are listed as 7 Core to avoid claims of incorrect architecture. Early 5mm chips are getting rejects that still perform well but do not score 8 CPU cores working. As this process continues to improve there should be fewer 7 core rejects used in the lower end product but will continue to claim lower 7 core specs. from a lot of literature

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