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5K Alternative (less Expensive) Display for MacBook Pro 15″, 2016?

Is there any less expensive alternative to the LG 5K display to connect the new MacBook Pro with Touch-bar (2016)?

Apple offers it for about $1,000, which will go back to $1,300 in a month… Even if is not the perfect rendition, anything that could decently work for a modest budget?
Juan Carlos

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    4 years ago

    You can do your own search at the usual sites (Amazon, NewEgg, Dell, etc) but when I searched it looks like 5K displays are still rare. And the ones I saw cost much more than $1,000 or even $1,300.
    If you are on a modest budget, then your solution is to not go with 5K. You can get large, but lower resolution screens for much less. For less than $500 there are many 27-inch screens at 2560×1440.

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