Forum Question: Aperture and videos

Hi Gary,

I took the plunge and upgraded from iPhoto to Aperture the other day. It transferred everything very well, as you would expect from Apple.

It didn’t like the video files though, the files have become non-responsive.

Am I doing anything wrong?? Is Aperture only for videos??

Perhaps you could do a podcast on Aperture.

Thanks as ever,


— Amir

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    9/4/10 @ 9:46 am

    If you created a reference library instead of an Aperture library the thumbnails will display in the projects, but if you moved or deleted the original files when you try to view the full image they will show up as blank squares with an X through them. If you did move the originals put them back. If you deleted them , restore them from your backups

    5/29/12 @ 9:46 am

    What is the best way to effectively whiten teeth in aperture. Dodging-and using the brush is barely noticible.

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