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Apple Mail Suggested Move To Mailbox Folder?

How to update Apple Mail to suggest the new mailbox for moving thermal too. ie When right/control clicking on an email it suggests Payments 2021 but now it’s 2022 and I have a new mailbox Payments 2022. It seems like it take a 1/2 to 3/4 of the year for it to figure it out. Anyway to force the update?

I create new Mailboxes every year for Payments, Web Orders and iTunes purchases and would like to have Apple Mail show me the update folder to move the emails too instead of relying on it to finally figure it out.
Steven Tiggemann

Comments: One Response to “Apple Mail Suggested Move To Mailbox Folder?”

    2 years ago

    No way to force it. But it probably will catch on faster than that. Perhaps it looks at the most recent uses? I never use that feature so I don't know how long it will take to recognize a new mailbox as one you want to use often.

    I would just ignore that and instead drag it to the mailbox in the sidebar. You can add whatever you want to the Favorites at the top.

    Or, maybe have a mailbox that is Payments (Current), another Payments (Last Year) and a third that is Payments (Previous). That way you can avoid having 5, 10, 20, etc., mailboxes for payments as the years go by. Personally, if I did this I would just have one mailbox called Payments and leave it at that. It is easy to see them by date inside that mailbox.

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