Forum Question: AppleScript to Run Ads

I am new to macs. I have herd of Apple Script but don’t know how it works or what it does. I post car ads on but the pictures take forever to upload. I was wondering if I could use it to automatically run the ads. I don’t change them any each time just re run to get them up front. Is there any way to do this.

— Gary McNeil

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    1/28/10 @ 9:47 am

    AppleScript is a way to automate tasks on your Mac. Unless you have done some programming before, use Automator instead, which lets you record actions and drag-and drop items to make scripts.
    But it is probably not going to be useful for what you want. It sounds like you want to automate posting content to a Web site? AppleScript and Automator are more for applications running on your computer, not tasks on Web sites. I have seen some cool things like it for Firefox that will automate tasks on sites, but I wouldn’t expect a non-programmer to be able to use them.

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