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Auto updates with iMac

I bought a Mac not that long ago. Since connecting it to the internet recently it has prompted me for the automatic updates to accept, which I did. After about 19 hours of updating each time (twice in about a week) at the end of the updating it says it could not connect to the server and there were no updates done.
Are you able to shed any light on this?

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    10 years ago

    It sounds like your connection has issues. I’d try it again. Maybe only let it do one of the updates at a time?

    10 years ago

    HI Gary

    After playing around and somehow getting the pop up to show me all the updates, I clicked on each and on it had “OS X Combine Update” – turns out it tries to find updates for Snow Leopard which I guess I don’t have as I haven’t seen it – only got my iMac in Jan. So I unchecked it and all the other updates went ok.

      10 years ago

      If you just bought your Mac this year, then it came with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). So you want to make sure you get that update so you are at 10.6.7.

    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary

    After reading your reply I checked my OS and it is OS X 10.6, and I noticed the update 98% done, I just managed to finish the download. Thanks for telling me I had Snow Leopard as I didn’t know it was called that.

    I notice there is now a Snow Lion – what is the difference – in layman’s terms – between this Snow Lion (I’m not a real tech person but I do understand about about computers to certain degree, mainly on PCs). Is it worth paying for the upgrade to Snow Lion?

    Also, what is the main difference between my iMac that I bought in Jan this year the new iMac released very recently?

      10 years ago

      Lion (not “Snow Lion” just “Lion”) is Mac OS X 10.7. Snow Leopard is 10.6. Leopard was 10.5.
      It is a new version of the OS so there are many improvements and new features. Way too many to cover in a comment here. Check out the Apple site where they have lots and lots of info on it.
      As for the differences between your Macs, it depends on the exact model you have. You can check your specs against the ones in the Apple Store.

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