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Autofill not working on webpage

There’s a website where I had initially had my login and password autofilled so I’d have to simply click login and not type out everything. Something happened in between and I had to reset my password and now it always loads the page blank in the entry spaces. There’s no ‘Remember me on this computer’ option offered by the page, so is it possible to somehow re-enable autofill for the page using Safari preferences?

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    10 years ago

    If could simply be that the web page changed. Autofill only works if the forms on the page use very obvious names for the fields. Otherwise, autofill can’t figure out what goes where.
    So perhaps that web site just changed the names of the fields.
    It happens pretty often as sites that use obvious names for fields usually get bots and other malware trying to hack the site with fake names and passwords. Using names like “email” for email addresses can be an issue.

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