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Back to my Mac with my iPad

Gary, can I use Back to my Mac from an iPad?
Right now I’m considering to move to Mac, getting a more “portable” device than a Laptop PC, can I access my hard drive at home (If I get a Mac book or an iMac) from an iPad? If so, what do you think is the best idea, to get a Mac book air or an iPad? How about getting a Time capsule and accessing it instead of my computer?


— Julian

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    10 years ago

    Back to My Mac works with file sharing and screen sharing. The iPad does neither. At least not in the OS. So there is no “Back to My Mac.”
    But if you are looking for screen sharing, then there are many 3rd-party apps that do it. And it works great. But not through Back to My Mac (so you need to figure out the IP address stuff yourself).
    As for hard drive access — what, exactly, are you trying to do? The iPad doesn’t have a normal file system. So “access” to your files doesn’t make sense.

    8 years ago

    You can use LogMeIn to access your computer with an iPad.

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