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When I log on to my online banking account my bank offers a security software download. As a Mac and iOS user do I need this software
Jim Morgan

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    3/31/12 @ 12:01 pm

    Chances are that the software is for Windows-only, anyway. So it doesn’t matter.
    Even so, I wouldn’t look to my bank for security software any more than I would look to my bank for oil changes for my car. If I were on Windows I would assess the different options and choose one that is best for me, not the one that has a marketing partnership with my bank.
    But as a Mac user, even if they bank was offering Mac software, I wouldn’t take they advice. I’d find my own solution, though I wouldn’t personally install any software like that on a Mac. See

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    4/1/12 @ 11:44 am

    I live in England and my bank gives you a Sure Code if you want to buy anything from the internet has well has your card details. Has for storing software they don`t allow it. How serious they take it,very serious,because when i purchased my iMac online. They sent out a letter from the fraud squad. I panicked about this,and went straight down to my bank the next day.I was called into a office,and the guy showed me a computer screen,and said did you make this purchase,i said yes.He said don`t worry,and that this was not in my spending habits we are only looking after your money.

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