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Hello Mac Most Users
I was wondering if anyone had info on installing Windows XP without SP2. I have SP2 but it is on a separate disk. Does any one know of a work around?
Thank You in advance

— Todd Brockway

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    2/28/10 @ 4:13 pm

    Not sure why you can’t just install Windows and then not use that SP2 “separate disk” you mention. But I’m also not sure installing Windows without SP2 is a good idea — didn’t they fix a ton of security issues with SP2?

    M Vis
    11/8/11 @ 8:35 pm

    I have successfully installed XP using a CD without SP2 (then later updating to SP2/3 after initial install). A few notes:
    * Be sure to do a *full* format of the C partition made by Bootcamp when doing the XP installation, else get a message of disk error, blank black screen, etc when later trying to boot XP.
    * Update to SP2 will fail (error about having 2 or 4 MB too little space for installation) without registry modification. See:
    * After update to SP2 (I went to SP3 before doing this, but prob SP2 is ok), the XP installation was taking ~110 GB of space, which is obviously about 105 GB too much. To reclaim 105 GB, run ‘chkdsk /F’ from a cmd window (start->run->cmd). The chkdsk program will say it cannot run now but can be scheduled for next boot. Say ‘yes’ and then reboot. I found that there was a long pause after completion of step 3/3, but it eventually finished and found an allocated but empty area. When it booted, it had recovered all of that dark matter from the initial non-SP2 XP installation and was taking <10GB of space.

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