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Bug(?) in Safari

My not so old, old iMac died and Apple replaced it with a new iMac12,2 Intel Core i5.
Now the command “Command-Shift-CIick: Opens a link in a new tab, and makes it the active tab.” doesn’t work.
I have reinstalled the OS, OS 10.6.7 and all updates. Reinstalled Safari 5.0.5.
Trashed the Safari preferences.
The command still doesn’t work.
Any ideas?
Robert Poland

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    9 years ago

    Go to Safari, Preferences, Tabs. The first checkbox should be “Command+click opens a link in a new tab.” Make sure that is checked. Then check the second one “When a new tab or window opens, make it active.”
    But look below that and see if things are set right.

      9 years ago

      Also, check on different links on multiple sites. If a site has set up a “link” to actually execute JavaScript code instead of a plain link, then these won’t work. They aren’t really links, but interactive buttons.

    Robert Poland
    9 years ago

    Thanks Gary,
    Unfortunately that doesn’t work on this machine.

    All the shift key does is stop any Command-click action.

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