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Bug(?) in Safari

My not so old, old iMac died and Apple replaced it with a new iMac12,2 Intel Core i5.
Now the command “Command-Shift-CIick: Opens a link in a new tab, and makes it the active tab.” doesn’t work.
I have reinstalled the OS, OS 10.6.7 and all updates. Reinstalled Safari 5.0.5.
Trashed the Safari preferences.
The command still doesn’t work.
Any ideas?
Robert Poland

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    10 years ago

    Go to Safari, Preferences, Tabs. The first checkbox should be “Command+click opens a link in a new tab.” Make sure that is checked. Then check the second one “When a new tab or window opens, make it active.”
    But look below that and see if things are set right.

      10 years ago

      Also, check on different links on multiple sites. If a site has set up a “link” to actually execute JavaScript code instead of a plain link, then these won’t work. They aren’t really links, but interactive buttons.

    Robert Poland
    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary,
    Unfortunately that doesn’t work on this machine.

    All the shift key does is stop any Command-click action.

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