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Can I Add Another Template To a Document Started With a Different Template?

I do a monthly newsletter. I start with a template which gives title information, date, editor etc. In the end I want to add a calendar for the month of the issue and I have 12 templates from which to choose, it will have the month and other information for that month.
Jack Travis

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    4 years ago

    No, I don't think you can. But if you are creating a Page Layout document you can copy and paste the pages using the thumbnails in the left sidebar. So you can create the other pages in a second document, and then copy and paste them into the first.

    But even that gets a little messy. I just tried it and it brought over more pages than I expected. But it is easy to duplicate your documents and play with the duplicates to see what works in your situation.

    You can also just keep different pages in different documents. If the result is a PDF, then you can always export two PDF documents and then copy and paste pages between them in Preview to create a final PDF.

    Jack Travis
    4 years ago

    Copy and paste works! I never thought of that but it will do the job very nicely. Thank you!!

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