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Can I Automate Opening an E-zine Site Monthly?

I read Science News – when I remember – infrequently. They don’t have a monthly newsletter, i.e., a reminder… so I forget.
I would like to create an “event” that opens a tab in Firefox every month on my MBP. Can Automator accomplish something like this in Calendar? Or a ‘Reminder’ that says ‘Hey, the site is waiting for you?’
I know: Lazy. I’d simply like to open a site on a regular basis… maybe even sign in, seems like a fun project.
(hmmm, methinks an iCloud/iPhone5 Calendar complication?)
John C Stires

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    6 years ago

    You can do this pretty easily in Calendar. Just create a reminder and set it to repeat once per month. You can even pick which day of the month for it to remind you.
    Then set the alert to a message or email. An email will include the notes, so put the full URL, including the http:// in the note. Don’t put it in the URL field, as that doesn’t seem to come with in the email message. But a URL in the note field will become a clickable link. So you get an email from yourself once a month, and you click the link right there to open the site.

    John C Stires
    6 years ago

    I don’t want to click on a link, I want the tab opened for me.

      6 years ago

      Do you, really? So you are sitting there at 10 am on the first of the month, working or doing whatever, and you suddenly get interrupted as the app you are using vanishes and is replaced with Safari showing a new tab of a web site. I don’t think that is a good idea no matter how you cut it.
      And even if it is what you want, will the time spent researching and writing a custom AppleScript/Automator app to do this really be worth the time saved? You just click on the link.
      Isn’t it better to just get a reminder to check out the new content at the site? Would be similar to the site itself sending out a “we have a new issue” email.

    6 years ago

    OF COURSE I could set up a reminder with the link. I was interested in how it could be done. The processes you create with Automator rarely apply to me… so I found one of my own. Sorry.

    John C Stires
    6 years ago

    Here’s how it’s done just in case you have the desire:
    In CALENDAR I created a monthly-repeating event: ScienceNewsOpen
    Its ‘Alert’ is ‘Open File SCIENCE NEWS OPENER.APP’
    In AUTOMATOR I created that application:
    FIND CALENDAR EVENTS where ALL is true, Date Starting is Today and Any Content contains Science News.
    GET SPECIFIED URLs, remove default, Add
    The Science News Website opens in my default browser (FFox) in its own tab, i.e., not a new window.

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