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Can I Backup Safari Bookmarks To an Excel Spreadsheet?

I would like to backup safari bookmarks to an excel spreadsheet. I’ve got Version 11.1.2 (13605.3.8) on a brand new MacBook Pro. My Excel is from office 365 so it should be current.
Bill Lee

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    2 years ago

    A lot of times it is important to know the WHY when helping out. So in this case, WHY do you want to back up your Safari bookmarks to an Excel spreadsheet? Why Excel?

    Usually, a backup is a saved snapshot of something that you have in case something goes wrong. In the case of Safari Bookmarks, most people would already have them stored in iCloud, making it unlikely that a single-computer failure would mean losing them. In addition, Time Machine would back up the entire drive, including the bookmarks.

    Even if you wanted to have another way in which the bookmarks are backed up, it seems that simply using File, Export Bookmarks, would be all that you would need. This creates an HTML file that can be opened from any browser, and also re-imported into Safari in an emergency.

    So why do you need an Excel spreadsheet as a backup? It would involve several more steps at least. But perhaps what I have mentioned is already enough. Or, maybe you are looking for something that has a specific purpose? Maybe some odd security checking by your company or something?

    I suppose if you really needed it in Excel you could just export it with File, Export Bookmarks. Then open that html file in Safari. Then select all, copy. Then paste into Excel.

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