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Can I Change a CSV File To a QFX, QIF, or OFX File In Numbers?

My financial program (Banktivity) can’t import CSV files and one of my financial sites only provides CSV file downloads. Is there a way in Numbers to change a CSV file to another format requiring only a moderate amount of effort?
Colleen Smitherman

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    5 years ago

    You can change to another text format, or export as Excel. But those other formats I'm sure are QuickBooks/Quicken formats, and you'd need to use QuickBooks to do that. They aren't spreadsheet files, but files with a specific database format for QuickBooks.

    Maybe that company offers some sort of way to convert, but I'm not familiar with it. Or, maybe check with your bank to see if they offer anything that does not require QuickBooks/Quicken.

    Smitherman Colleen
    5 years ago


    Andy Hinds
    5 years ago

    What version of Banktivity are you using? If version 6, it will accept CSV files. In the Banktivity program, click on Help > Banktivity Help > Import Transactions. Supported formats listed are: QMTF, QFX, OFX, QIF and CSV.

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