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Can I Delete Video Clips In My Photos Once the iMovie Has Been Finalized?

I am not planning on updating the movie and all this could save space on my disc..


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    4 years ago

    Sure. That’s up to you. If you are very sure that you won’t be updating the movie ever again, then you can export the video and save that as a file on your drive, then delete the iMovie project entirely, and the source videos in Photos.
    I do this sometimes as well. Otherwise you are stuck with the source videos and iMovie project forever. But other people prefer to save all of their original videos and every iMovie project. It depends on how you want to manage your own media.
    Another thing some people do is to get an external drive specifically for saving old media. Drives are cheap, as a 1TB drive can run only $60. Then move your source videos out of Photos to this drive as an “archive” of your original media.

    Marion Russek
    4 years ago

    thanks gary, this has fully answered my question. enjoy this sunday..

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