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Can I Label a File While Using the Quick Look?

I would like to know if there is a way to label a file as i am looking at it in quick look.
For example: If i’m browsing through some photos in a folder using the quick look and i wanna label it with a color while i’m viewing it (doesn’t matter which color. i just wanna know if there is a way to do it).
The reason why i wanna know is because i often need to select the better photos of a folder while i’m looking at them and i don’t wanna waste time getting out of quick look and right clicking the file to label all of them.
Bruno Carelli

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    12 years ago

    I can think of one way, but there may be more.
    First, open up the Information Inspector in the Finder. This is like the Info Window, but instead of using Command+I (or File, Get Info) you would use Option+Command+I (File, Show Inspector). The difference is that the Inspector will show you the information of anything you have selected in the Finder, not just the one item that you had selected when you opened it.
    And in the Inspector you can see an easy way to set the color label.
    So now just open folder with the images. Select the first one. Then use quick look. You can use the arrow keys to move between images and both the quick look window and the Inspector will change to reflect the current selection. You can click on a color in the Inspector to label it.
    Another thing you may want to try: use the Finder's column view instead of quick look. WIth column view you can see a large preview of each file in the rightmost column. You can even expand the column size to make that preview larger. So you can arrow down a list of images very quickly and use the Inspector to change its color that way, without having to use the quick look window.

    Bruno Carelli
    12 years ago

    Great advices!

    Both ways work excellent to the task i wanted.

    Thanks, Gary.

    Bruno Carelli
    12 years ago

    and thanks for the quick response also!

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