17 Things You May Not Know About Quick Look

Quick Look allows you to preview files in the Finder. But you can also do other things with it like rotating and editing images, trimming videos, scroll through documents and select text to copy, view multiple files as an index sheet or slideshow and more.

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    2 years ago

    I receive .docx files off and on and am curious if Quicklook is my best option OR use Save As... and delete the x in the filename??

    2 years ago

    PW: Depends on what you are trying to do with them. For viewing, if Quick Look works and that is all you need, then stick with that. But if you need to edit them you can always open in TextEdit or Pages. Neither will be as perfect as just using Microsoft Word itself though. It depends on the document. Changing the .docx to .doc probably isn't something yo unshod do though as then someone else opening in Word may have trouble.

    lauren eisen
    2 years ago

    gary, thank you for this as i learned so many things i didn't know you do with quick look.
    however, when i went to my extensions, it wasn't showing up in the side bar and there were no options that i could see to add it. can you please tell me how to add quick look to the side bar so i may find other plug ins? thanks as always for another great tutorial!

    Robert Bailey
    2 years ago

    Excellent information--I once shook my head over the number of people who didn't know anything about Quick Look, but after seeing this I realize I didn't know as much as I thought I did! I will be using the "Contact Sheet" feature all the time now.

    2 years ago

    Lauren: Perhaps it isn't there because you don't have any? You wouldn't add extensions in System Preferences. You would add some by going to the App Store and downloading an app that happened to have extensions. The System Preferences section is just for enabling and disabling them once you have them.

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