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Can I Make the Emoji List Show All Of the Emoji In a Larger Font Size?

When I bring up the display of available emoji using the function key the emoji are too small for my old eyes. I haven’t found a way to enlarge the default display size of the list of emojis. I have used the magnifier and zoom tools in the Accessibility section of System Preferences. However, I wish to have the display of available emojis pop up and be about 4X larger than the default size. Is there any way to make that happen?

The default display of the emoji when accessed using the Function key are too small for me to see easily. I need a way to make the default size of the emoji list adjustable.

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    2 years ago

    One thing you can do is to click on the button at the top right corner to switch the mode of the viewer. This converts it to an independent window with some different options. Now click the three-dots button at the top left and you can choose the Large size. But this only applies to the window in this mode. As soon as you switch back to the regular mode, there is only one size.

    If these characters are too small for you to see, I would expect that there are other places where text is too small for you as well. I would suggest going to System Preferences, Display and changing your resolution to make everything a little bigger and easier to see.

    Charles Noyes Jr
    2 years ago

    Thank you Gary. I followed your suggestion regarding screen resolution and the resulting view is much better for me.

    Sahil Khan
    2 years ago

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