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Can I Move Undo Key On iPad iOS 11:3.1?

Undo key shows up next to space bar on iPad a when I switch to number keyboard. This was not there in previous versions or was it?. I am constantly UNDO:-ING when I don’t want to. Redo-ing is not always that easy. I need the dash key a lot and it has been moved to number keyboard.
Marsha marsiglio

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    3 years ago

    How the keyboard appears is determined by two factors: The app and the keyboard you are using. Or, in some cases, like with Safari, the type of text you are entering and the keyboard you are using.

    There’s nothing you can do if the app is setting the keyboard to have a specific appearance. And even if it is using the default keyboard, there is no way to customize it.

    However, you can choose a third-party keyboard. There are many to download in the app store. But I don’t think this will work in your case since it seems the app is picking a specific keyboard type instead of using the default.

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