The Mac FN (Globe) Key: Everything It Can Do

The FN or Globe Key on your Mac keyboard is a modifier key that can do some special things. In addition to controlling how the F1-F19 keys work, it can also be used as a single keypress to trigger some actions, and with some letter keys to give you keyboard shortcuts to some powerful functions.

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    3 weeks ago

    Wow! Lots of very good material here. I will have to watch it multiple times to get the ideas down that most apply to me.

    William Prusak
    2 weeks ago

    Hi Gary,

    I watch and learn often with you're expert advise.

    Thank you Sir

    Paul Thompson
    2 weeks ago

    This was really helpful Garry. I HATE the caps lock key because I often hit it when I want to type A. Now you've made my life better!. Also the other uses for the fn key are very useful. I'll study your post to learn much more. Thanks a Million Garry!

    Robert Dettman
    2 weeks ago

    Not much that's helpful for me, Gary. Perhaps it's because I have learned the Apple default methods over the years that are quick and effective for me. Accessing Emoji and the Globe plus arrow keys - really good. As for using it to access the dock, that seems so convoluted and slow. I use the mouse and access what I want in a flash.

    Sorry to be negative, but I usually like your advice, so thanks for your ongoing support of the community.

    John Cooper
    2 weeks ago

    Great tips.

    Interestingly, switching the Caps Lock key with the Globe key works on my 2022 MacBook Proā€™s built-in keyboard, but not on the Bluetooth-connected Apple Magic Keyboard (model A1843, without Touch ID), even after a restart. Something for those who use laptops in clamshell mode to check for.

    Jerry Coleman
    2 weeks ago

    I sure wish the Delete and Backspace keys on my MacBook Air were separate instead of having to use the fn key for Delete. I'd love to be able to remap, say the Caps Lock key, to one of them. Pretty much my only gripe about Mac laptops.

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