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Can I Take My Time Machine Backup File To Another Drive?

I have an Airport Time capsule with a 1TB HD and there is where I have done my time machine backups for my laptop. Im planning to hold on to my Airport for as long as I can but in the event that I have to ultimately replace it, can I take my backup file to another drive and continue backing up to the same file without any issues? I haven’t tried this obviously and that’s why I’m asking but I have had problems with some backups and ended up deleting them and starting new ones and this is what I want to avoid. Or is there a better or more effective way to backup these days?

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    2 years ago

    You can, if you want to. But I find that the effort isn’t worth it. It would take a while to copy and it is hard to get it right.

    Instead, just start a new backup. In this case, I would just keep the Time Capsule around for a while just in case you need to get a file back, but eventually the new backup will have enough of a history to make the old backup not needed.

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