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Can I Use An Old HD for Time Machine?

Congratulations on your new book Gary!
Can’t wait til Amazon sends it to me.
I have a question…
I have a windows pc now and will be buying a new iMac soon (hoping the new iMacs will be out soon!). All my pics and tunes are on my external hard drive. Once I tranfer all my pics and tunes from my EHD to my new iMac HD, can I then delete and format the EHD to use as my Time Machine. Do I need to format the EHD in any certain way (ie. FAT32)??

— Mark

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    15 years ago

    Sure, you can do it that way. Just make sure all of your files made the transfer first. Also, make sure the drive is big enough to make a suitable TM drive. I prefer one 2x the size of the drive it is backing up. HDs are cheap, so if this is an old drive, you may want to consider getting a newer one.
    As for format, TM will take care of that for you. When you select it as a TM drive, it will reformat it to get it ready.

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