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Can I Use an Old iPhone As an iPod?

Gary, I have an older iPhone SE, 128 Gb and will soon upgrade to a new iPhone 11. After the upgrade, I’d like to keep the iPhone for use as an iPod (basically without the sim) Presently, I have only music on the SE which was purchased from iTunes (I don’t use the subscription service for music) The SE is backed up and synced to my iMac, High Sierra using iTunes. Question is, after the switch to the new phone, can you see any problem with syncing the SE but this time use my entire music library on the iMac? I have sufficient memory on the iPhone
Mike W

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    4 years ago

    That's very easily done, and in fact many people do it. Myself, I have a collection of old iPhones that I use mostly for app testing when I am in developer mode. I also use them to make tutorials and commonly load them up with music and such for those tutorials.

    You can continue to use that old iPhone for almost everything that doesn't involved a connection to a cellular network. You can even make phone calls, as long as it is through FaceTime, not a mobile network. Or, another app like Skype.

    Connected with your Apple ID it will sync contacts, reminders, calendar events, etc. You can sync music to it using iCloud or an old-fashioned syncing connection. You can also access iCloud files through the Files app. Heck, if you have Apple Music you can use that too, but of course you'll find yourself offline more often since only WiFi will put you online.

    Mike W
    4 years ago

    Great info! Now I can have an updated phone and a more capable iPod equivalent. Maybe carry both of them on my walks and see which one shows more paces....LOL

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