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Can the Safari Sidebar Be Disabled In Full Screen Mode?

In safari 9, in fullscreen if you move your cursor all the way to the left, it shows the sidebar.
Can you figure out how to disable it? Even if it takes a terminal command.
A solution would be much appreciated as I’m not the only user who hates this function
Don Miller

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    4 years ago

    What is the issue? Is it that you find your cursor sometimes brushes against the left edge of the screen and brings it up when you don’t want to see it?
    How about, as a solution, having the sidebar permanently there? Just click the view sidebar button at the top to leave it there. That at least stops it from changing things as you move the cursor.
    Otherwise, what is the specific reason why you don’t want to see the Sidebar? Seems like useful functionality to me.

    Don Miller
    4 years ago

    Yes I do NOT want to see it. Very annoying when I’m on youtube
    If i want to see it I’ll click on the icon in task bar

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